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Helen Kisler

Hi, my name is Helen Kisler. I am the Pirsum of this region, otherwise known as the editor of the newspaper. I was first introduced to YJ by my best friend, Naama. Over time, I have gotten to learn about Zionism and about this movement.
And now for the history: I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and moved here at the age of seven. I have a 25 year old sister named Tanya who is absolutely coolbeans. Currently I am a junior at Allderdice (Yech!) I would like to attend Boston University and study journalism (hence my postion on Maz, good refrence, huh?)
Aside from writting my favorite pastime is "gritting with Naama." I wourk after school at the JCC Clubhouse. (I love my kids!)
I guess that's pretty much all I can think of to say right now, sooooo... C-ya 'round.

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