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Mazkruit 2000-2001

What is a Mazkirut?: The term mazkirut is hebrew for a cabbinnet or secratarial board.
In our organization, they are the high-schoolers in charge of the programming and opporation
of our region, contributing to our peer leadership.

Mazkira: Rachel Kantz

AVP (Administrative Vice President): Seth Harris

Bogrim Programmer: (none at the moment)

Offie/Tsoffie Programmer: David Sella

Social Action Programmer: Jeremy Goldberg

Pirsum: Leon Yurovsky

Club Mazkira: Sara Goldberg

Club AVP: Becky Folb

Congratulations to Niv Elis and Rachel Kantz for being elected to National Mazkirut postions. (Niv is now the national Offie Tsoffie Programmer, and Rachel is Merchav rep for our Merchav Tabor.)

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