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Naama Balass

Postion on Maz: AVP
Hello, my name is Naama Balass and I am the regional AVP (adminstrative vice president). This means that I am in charge of making sure everything at activities occurs on times, and I am also in charge of fund rasing. I was born in Israel, and moved here when I was 4 1/2. I first heard of the movement through my brother (yes, Shlomo is my brother...) However, it was my mom that convinced me to join. I became very invovle din the movement and forced...ooops convinced Helen to do the same. Now she is pirsum on Maz. (I feel a tear drop, I am sooo proud.) Young Judaea has given me the opportuity to share my on going stories with other members of this region (don't laugh, you know you love them.) Well, I guess that's it. Go Maz o'2000!

Naama's email:

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