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Rachel Kantz

Postion: Mazkira

Shalom all, this is Rachel Kantz for the year of 1999-2000. Yea, that's right, don't get too excited, but I'm WPA's new Mazkira. As Mazkira, my job is to make sure the mazkirut is fuctioning in a postive manor. In addition, I keep contacts w/ the Mechav, National, and the hadassah women.
Now for a little bit about myself. I've been in YJ for six long years (not as long as our lovely director, though) I just came back from Machon in Israel, which was the most incredible experience of my life and yours (Go Young Judaea and Hadassah. I love playing, soccer, talking to camp friends and eating Chex Mix. Now I am a junior at Allderdice where I play soccer and pretty much work my but off so I can attend the school of my choice (after year course of course!) However if you come to YJ events you will be seeing a lot of me. I'm really amped to work with everyone this year. Muah! (translation: Kisses!)

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