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Niv Elis

Postion: OTP (Offie Tsoffie Programer)
Hi, I'm Niv Elis, a Junior in High school. I"ve been an active member in YJ since 4th grade, when my older brother introduced me to it. He was the first Elis that was on Mazkirut, followed by my sister Ori (who was Mazkira last year) and now me. I remember my first shabbaton, we were supposed to bring a picture because we made passports and my friend didn't have one and was very upset, so one of the leaders (Jeff Krieger, one of the coolest, nicest people I know) cut out a magazine picture of a dog and put it there. We got in trouble because we were cracking up and interrupted the director of the region who was telling us the rules. Since then, I was News Paper editor of the ofie/tsofie paper (with that same friend) in 6th grade, was bogrim programmer of club mazkirut (with Naama Balass, who was the club AVP), in 10th grade became the regional AVP (and got to codesign our awesome shirt with my artistic sister), and this year I am the Ofie/Tsofie Programmer. I spent the past summer as a camp councelor at CYJ Midwest (which I also attended as a camper-once) where I had an AMAZING time and got to work with Ofarim, the youngest group at camp (grades 3-5). I think that this will be an awesome year and I'm SOOOO excited for it. Yeah WPA Maz 2000!

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