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David Sella

Postion on Maz: Bogrim Programmer

Hello, I am David Sella, the Regional Bogrim Programmer. This is my second year at this postion and also my second year on Mazkirut. I joined Young Judaea when I was in the third grade and have loved every minute of it. Now, I am a sixteen year old junior who runs cross country, plays tennis, is a captain of the speach team, and enjoys long walks on the beach... Sorry, that was my dating service ad. Anyway, my job on the mazkirut is to program all high school (grades 8-12) activites like regional conventions and Bogrim club peulot (activities) and assist in planning of Merchav Convention. My job is not to write all the peulot necessarily, instead, my role is to give the subject for the peulot to the other Maz members and assist with any planning difficulties. I am looking forward to an exciting year in WPA and hope everyone is too.

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